Mar 15, 2009

Chicken Ala King!

I don't know why but i felt very lazy to take a walk today. It is our weekly activities to take a walk every saturday or sunday but i felt very tired these two days. grrrr... Even if i'm very lazy still i tried to clean our house today. I was busy these past few weeks so i don't had time to clean. As i woke up this morning i don't know why i keep on sneezing then i realized, gossshhhhhh our home is very dusty now. LOL... Jenny must clean...

While i was cleaning my husband decided to cook something for our lunch and for our food for tomorrow. We used to bring homemade food for our lunch than to buy from the restaurant. He had decided to cook "chicken ala king" (my husband style). Even if i was cleaning still i helped him and for me to know also how to cook this food.
I remembered in Philippines. Me and my husband used to ate in Greenwich. I was not really interested of this food because for me it looks not dilicous but my husband ordered chicken ala king everytime we ate there. Today i told to myself that the next time we will eat in Greenwich i will surely order CAK.

Ofcourse for me it's very dilicous but i don't know your taste guys. Take a look and imagine how it taste... What do you think guys? Does it looks dilicous?

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