Mar 29, 2009

was not a good day

It was not really a good day for me yesterday. Me and my husband got little misunderstanding. I was too stubborn and too much pride so that's why it was not got well for a few hours. I sent a text to my friend Shy and asked her if it's ok to call her but she don't reply me. I don't remembered that she was in her friends wedding. But when she called me after an hour, i don't noticed my mobile. I just left my mobile i the bedroom and i was in the living room and it was silent.

I am too much sensitive so even just a small joke or little things that could hurt me, i cry directly. I cannot stop it. My husband told me that i am too much That's why if I'm hurting, i should talk to someone who i can just talk to...hehehe.
Since Shy don't answered directly my text, i called Zeena instead. She is a very good friend of mine and at least we always speak English... We talked about our homeworks and what time we will meet tomorrow. After that called to Zeena, i was ok already...strange right?

Before the evening came, me and my husband was ok. Even we're not ok for few hours at least we should try to fix things before we sleep. And when we woke this morning, everything was fine and we're happy as usual. Happy weekend everybody...


S-H-Y said...

I´m sorry if I couldn´t answer your call yesterday, my phone was in silent because we we´re in the church. I knew that you have problem that ´s why as soon as i saw your message I call you back twice but you didn´t reply and I texted to but you didn´t reply too. I was sure yesterday that you got problem ´the way you text me. I was very worried to you that´s why I barrowed my friend cell and I coudln´t help not to think about you the night and i told my husband about it that you texted and seem you have problem and when we got home he told me to call you via telephone but I said to him never mind kasi baka natulog na kau and I know you sleep early that´s why d na ako tumawag uli. Misunderstanding between husband and wife is always a part of married even me and my husband does the same too but later on we´re friend again. Misunderstand is a part of the relationship which make more strong and stronger, in that way you learn each other.

Woman are always sensetive we´re same I cry easily when I heard something not nice. Just remember that married is not only happeniss, if there is happiness expect that there is a sadness that two words cannot be separted kung baga sa tagalog it´s like kambal mag uban pirmi so just be understanding and try to think first before crying or ask your husband direct why is it or why you do that because I´m sure he will explain it to you.

All I can advice to you (I know it is not a best advice) when you got misunderstanding between your husband and you just try to ask him what is the reason or why you said this can you explain to me. that would be better I think than you cry in the corner not saying your feelings, I know it´s not easy because I have experinced what you experience but this trials makes us learn each other and love our husband forever.

This is too long comment maybe you get bored. ANyway it good to know ok na kau, see you tomorrow!

Weng Forsgren said...

hello gen,
i don't know, but i cannot read your txt here. it is only the picture that is shown.
ambot kung ako balang, try to ask shy kung mabasa ba niya ang imong gi post.
walay koy post na mabasa puro lang mga square2x. I think there is something wrong.

misunderstanding between you and hubby is just part of a normal married life. No marriage is perfect pag walang away abnormal yan.
But I know, love will prevail ...yong misunderstandng at sama ng loob mawala yan after some hours. Just go out and take a walk, get some fresh air.
take care always--

Jenny said...

SHY- thanks for the long and touchable message of you. Even you are very much younger than me but you adviced me such an old lady...hahahha joke. Anyway thank you very much. You know how VERY, VERY, VERY sensitive i am so that time that we had misunderstanding, i don't want to ask him anymore. I just keep quiet and i locked the bedroom so that he cannot come inn!!! Sorry that you worried..hehhe.. Tell you later what was really happened. See you...

Weng - goshhhhh i don't know why its like that. Actually i noticed that also before. When i just use internet explorer then it shows that it seems there's virus but if i use Mozilla Firefox, then everythhing is perfect. Strange but i cannot explain why it's like that. Shy read and commented to me. Thanks for the advices also...Sköt om dig...

It was our first "BIG" misunderstanding. I know in a relationship, there's good and bad times. That makes the relationship stronger. Me and my husband very much ok now. Back to normal again... Thanks for the advices...

David Funk said...

Hi Jennie,

I did read this yesterday, and sorry you had a bad Saturday. I'm personally not one to give out advice on marriage because I've never been married, but you are right that misunderstandings are part of any relationship.

I'm glad to hear that you're in a better mood now though. You are a good woman.

On another topic, my site isn't nearly as accessible with Internet Explorer compared to Mozilla. Sometimes, a certain script on your page can make it seem as if you have a virus. I know from talking to other blogger friends that they have sometimes can't get on my page using Internet Explorer. But those using Mozilla don't have that problem. I use Mozilla myself.

Have a great rest of the week my dear friend!:)