Mar 25, 2009

I don't know....

Swedish people are usually celebrate food day. They have this bun (bulle) day, grill day, beer day, and other more food day and today is waffle day. My husband told me that at his work smelled waffle everywhere...LOL.

When i came home today, i was very hungry and i really missed filipino food so i had decided to cook "PANSIT BIHON". I had my bihon noddles already that i bought from Asian store last week together with Shy. I don't have all the vegetables and all the ingredients but in anyway it was delicious. Before i remember that i should take pictures it was finished already... gossshhhh i ate all...hehehehe

I had only half day school today so i had time to look and try to find something for a gift. My husbands birthday is coming soon and still i am confuse and don't know what will i give to him. He like computer things or something that connect to electricity but i don't want to buy those. I look one thing today and it seems very fit to his personality but it's not electric matter. I will not mention it here now because maybe he will find out what's my surprise to him. I haven't decided yet if i will buy it or i will find something else... I don't know... Do you have any suggestions guys?

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weng said...

hello Jen,

Waffel day..Våffeldagen på svenska. This is usually happenend every year March 25, that means 9 months before christmas ( 9 månader före juldagen)
= this is called Marie bebådelsedag=

Våffeldagen Kommer från VÅR FRUS DAG..
Lika med jesu moders dag,då hon blev gravid genom guds ande.
The day when god told Maria that she will give birth to jesus.

nagkaon sad mi waffel dri :)