Mar 6, 2009

i'm not feeling well...boring

It was not really a good day for me today. Yesterday, i felt little bad. It seems i'm very tired and like having a fever. When i woke up this morning, i had fever and feel very bad but still i go to my practicum. I thought it would be gone because i took 2 tablets. But it won't. At lunch time, i had decided to go home because i can't stay more longer. I felt dizzy and seems to fell down. I supposedly go home kl. 14.30 but i have decided to go home kl.13.00. I just sleeped and laid down when i came home.

It's not fun when i'm feeling bad especially if weekend because we use to take a walk or go somewhere as our weekend activities but unfortunately i'm sick. I really hope it will gone tomorrow because we're planning to go to Asian store to buy ingredients for my MENUDO.

I hope everybody is doing fine and wishing all to have a good and wonderful weekend.


Nanaybelen said...

I think you need to rest.
Have a nice day!

mothercares said...

Just came here to give you some smiles