Mar 21, 2009

our usual bonding...

Me and my husband did our usual bonding today. We took a walk and of course the ending was in the store and found some fruits and food. We've been to a store where we called it Världen Affär (world store). My husband trying to find this food from Iraq but unfortunately he don't find it. Instead we bought some fresh fruits and cans fruit. It was cheap and look very sweet pear and apple so we bought some of it. And we bought also banana, pomelo, orange, some muffins and some other kind of foods.

We like to eat chips or popcorn while we are reading before we sleep at night but it's not good to always eat those food. Instead of eating popcorn or potato chips, we have decided to eat fruits at least we can get vitamins and its good for the body to eat fruits.

Healthy food is just one way to have a healthy body. Am i right guys?

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