Mar 26, 2009

My loving Family

Being far from my family is very difficult. When times that i want someone to talk to or someone who i can easily share everything, who i can go and talk with? I don't have relatives or even friends from my country (Philippines) here in Sweden. Ofcourse i have my husband and my only close filipina friend Shy but it's not the same as my family or friends way back in Philippines.

When i have problems or i don't feel bad, i don't have someone to ask advices or someone that comfort me. Ofcourse i have my husband but it's not the same as a sisters or brothers.I talk to my family almost everyday through ym but as usual not the same in person.
Like these past fews days, my mother have problems about our land. How could i comfort my mama and say that everything will be fine? Yesterday my mother texted me and told me not to worry because she can handle it and she will fight our rights for our own land (farm). If my father still alive, atleast he can help mama. They thought that my father was the smartest in our province because it was very easy to him to find solution in any kind of problems.
How i wish i can be with my mother this very moment, but not only this moment also if happy times. But this is my life now. I have my own family too. All i can do is to pray and support my family in Philippines. I will face my own family here in Sweden with my loving husband. I'm happy to be with my husband here in Sweden and i cannot ask for more from him.

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