Mar 17, 2009

I met them again...

Yesterday, I started my school again after my 4 weeks practicum. I missed my friends, classmates and teachers but then i met them yesterday. Not all but atleast i met some of my closest friend in school. It was seem as we started a new termin of our schools because we forgot some of our classmates name. LOL... But anyhow we still knew where we sat. We talked about our 4 weeks of practic and we did some activities (drawing and grouping). It was just a half day of lesson. I mean after lunch we had another subject which is "computer". It was broing for me in the computer room because it was just a basic word works. I'm not putting myself on high profession but it was very easy for me. I finished computer programmer so it's all very easy for me but still i did our task or activities.

Even if it was boring afternoon for me but still i was excited of our outing (utflykt) today.
I took some picture of me yesterday when i came home. Here's one of those pictures i took. Does you know guys that i'm very much camera addict??? LOL....

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