Mar 13, 2009

Last day of practicum

Atlast, i finished my practicum today.

I started my day at 4.40am. I should be in my practicum place before 6.00am. I just thought that it was just a normal morning. I came there to start my last day. Around 6.15 came one kid and the father told me that his daughter keep on telling them that it should be my last day. And then another kid came, and more and more... All parents told me that their kids keep on telling them that it should be my last day. How sweet kids. I thought i'm just nothing to them but i'm wrong. I'm heartedly thankfull to all their parents who have patients of listined the kids.

The kids here in Sweden eat godis only every saturday (lordagsgodis). But today we had friday morning snack (9.30am) and kids can eat godis and ice cream. They thought that someone's celebrating birthday because they ate ice cream but then they remembered that it was my last day and they all look very sad and they even cried. huhmmmmmp how sweet they are to me.

After snack, they all just wanted to be with me. Sat beside me, talked to me and they even wanted to me to sing which i like it. We ate our lunch as usual time and after lunch i let the 2 small kids sleeped and the rest played in the other rooms. I should go home kl.13.00 but i left from my practic around 13.30 because the kids don't wanted me to leave...

I got a gift from the staffs. I got a pair of earings, thanks card and an angel. From the kids, i got a small elephant from Kenza, a very beautiful paper drawing from Ashley and Alicia (twin) and another drawings from those other kids. Ofcourse i got a huge and unforgetable hugs and kisses from all the kids and from the staff also.

I'm really thankfull to all the kids and staffs there in Wadköpping forskolan for such a very nice and helpfull to me in all their way. I will surely miss them and i really hope i can visit them soon (as i promised). TACK SÅ JÄTTEMYCKET alihop!!! Jag är helt säkert att jag ska saknar er. Vi ses då på annan gång. Sköt om er.

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