Apr 10, 2009

another award for today

Gossshhhh i like this... I recieved plenty awards from my very good friend David Funk who is always generous of giving me awards and his friendships. Same as i mentioned to my last post, i'm really, really, really thankful to you David. Thank you also for grabbing the Happy easter tag.
I'm passing this wonderful award to Shy, Weng, Toni, cell, Nanay Belen and to all bloggers that i have in my list. Or even if you're not in my list, you can absolutely grab this award from my very good friend David. Enjoy blogging guys.


David Funk said...

Yeah Jennie, I liked the award as soon as I saw it. I'm extremely thankful for you as an on-line friend, too. Your support, comments, and kindness never goes unnoticed by me. It is my pleasure to give you tags and awards.

Thanks for posting, and best wishes always my sweet friend.:)

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

I like all the awards that i recieved but this one is very nice...Goshhh it seems real..hahhaa

Looking forward for more awards... lol... Have a nice weekend my friend