Apr 17, 2009

Botaniska trädgården

We've been to Botaniska Trädgården today for our utflykt (outing). It was very nice and very good weather. We saw different kinds of flowers with different colors. We heard the birds chirping (singing). And plenty people doing picnic with their loveones.
We divided into three groups for our group tasks. We was the first group with our teacher (leader) Lotta. She was trying to explained to us everything so that we could understand and we can prepare for our group presentation next week. Our tasks was to find spring sign and how could we notice that at presence is spring season.

I / we took a lot of pictures as part of our preparation and we wrote plenty strange words. That strangers words, we must try to understand it and explain it in Swedish. Every person in the group must have something to present on our presentation day.
After we finished our tasks, we climbed into a small mountain where in the top was a big stone there we ate our lunch together. We had fun during our lunch time. We chatted different topic and after eating, we played a little game. After the games, we had to write a short poem about what we saw in the garden and then went to our home sweet home.

It was fun and at the same time we learned plenty Swedish word which we really must. Have a nice and peaceful Friday everybod.


weng said...

hello Jen,
kanindot sa view oi.. spring na kaayo diha no, dri wala pa nahilis tanan snow. pero init na sugod.thanks for visitingmy blog.
BTW, created new blog pala. its in swedish, maybe its good for us nga nag learn sa ilang language.. add me to your bloglist and will do the same

Jenny said...

Infearness Weng super ganda na view dito, and atleast no need to wear makapal jacket na..hehehe. Sus kelan pa kayo makaktikim ng solen skiner väldig mycket niyan?hahaha..

Actually husband ko told me also na bakit daw english blog ko.. Swedish blog daw to learn more swedish and marami daw swedish advertiser...

Added na kita... I will make my swedish blog soon...take care...kram

Weng Forsgren said...

hej Jen,
tack för att du informerar mig att jag missat kommentars funktionen.
Nu går det bra att kommentera. Jag har fixat det nu