Apr 16, 2009

Double awards...

I don't know and i don't think i am deserving to have this Best Blogger Award 2009. I am not really long enough on blogging and i don't have enough PR for me to have this wonderful award but in anyway, I'm really thankful to my very good friend David Funk for always giving me very much appreciable awards. David you're one of the best and thank you very much for always remembering me.
Here's another cute award from my filipina friend and my new follower Chubskulit or Rose. Thank you very much Rose for this cute and friendly award.

This award was made specially to all blogger who spread kawaii-ness (waving hands)!!!

Kawaii-ness is all about loving all the thing related to kawaii(waving hands) ourselves and definitely and absolute being able to add more kawaii-ness to everything. It's all depend on our creativity!

The simple rules that go with it are:

1. Put the logo on your kawaii blog.
2. Link the person you received the award from.
3. Nominate all the blogs that you think deserving to have this award (kawaii of course).
4. Put the links of those blogger on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you've been nominated.

I am passing this kawaii awards to Shy, Weng, Chuchie, Junelle, Chris, Neverwinter, Chell and David Funk. To those who like and want this award, you can grab and have it anytime you want. Enjoy blogging everybody. Have a good day...


David Funk said...

Thanks Jennie for posting that award, and for giving me another one, too.

A PR is only a number, and is more about the quantity of links than it is about the quality of posts. There really is not a correct system to determine the value or the best blog there is. Therefore, it should show with what people say and think about your blog which you know already what I think of you and yours. Plus, you're one of the kindest and sweetest friends I have, too.

Thanks again, and I'm very thankful for having such a great and supportive friend like you, too!:)

Jenny said...

Thank you so much David for the wonderful message. I know what you mean and i appreciate it well... You're a very good friend too...

Take care and have a great time..