Apr 23, 2009

Janet's house

As you remembered guys, me and my friend Janet was with Shy's house last April 10 and today me and Shy was with Janet's house. This time, i don't bring my Magic sing because Janet don't ask me to bring it. hehehehe they must ask me first if they want me to bring it because maybe i will bring it then they will not use it. It's not too much heavy but still i must carry the Magic sing bag.Even if we don't have our "magic filipina bonding sing"..hehehe still we had fun. Our singer was Janet's lovely daughter Laikka. She's very cute... We grilled salmon fish, chicken and a little pork. Only little pork because SHy don't eat pork. We ate with rice of course with kikoman sauce and mix vegetables salad. We used our hands when we ate and we chatted, laughed, joked and etc. while eating. It was too much fun. Shy taught Janet on how blogging working. Janet is now a new member of blogger. Janet's blog name is Daily Wisdom.Please visit her blog too. Thank you...

Here are some of our pictures. Good day everybody.


Weng Forsgren said...

Hmm.. det ser gott ut. Jag blev hungrig plötsligt.
Jag skulle grilla kyckling idag för middag men vi kom hem sen från stan.

Jenny said...

Gossshhhh det var jättegott..hehehe..

När ska du grilla? Kan vi komma och äta?heheh