Apr 10, 2009

A day with friends

Yesterday i've been to Shy's house. I came to their house before lunch so me and Shy cooked our lunch. We cooked chicken menudo/afritada my style. Ofcourse meeting other filipina, we must have something to make ourselves enjoy so i bring my magic sing. While waiting our other friend Janet, we sung and tried our best to be the best singer we could be..hahahahaJanet should bake banana cake. While waiting her to come, me and Shy ate our lunch. When Janet came, we helped her baked the banana cake. Janet was our chef and me and Shy was just the helper:(. We had so much fun while baking and gosshhh as in it was very funny. Here was our banana cake. It was MASARAP (delicious) and i even bring 2 slices to my husband. Thanks Net and Shy...While waiting our banana cake, it was time for us to had our bonding. We talked, sung, laughed, joked and etc. Janet was very funny and had plenty jokes that made me and Shy almost cried of laughing.Thank you so much SHy for always welcoming me to your place. I hope we can do it again if not soon at least some other time... It will be Janet's or mine place next time... hmmmppp jag vet inte än.


David Funk said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of you, the food, and your friends. Nice to have friends like that to share moments such as this with.

Jenny said...

It's very nice to have filipina friends in this europian country. Atleast we talk our langues..hehehe

weng said...

hello jen,
mukha talaga kayong nag enjoy hehe. It's nice to meet some friends too sometimes.
kalami sa inyo banana cake it looks yummy.
I baked tiger cake last Friday, and was served to our guests yesterday. It was my first time to bake tiger kaka.
take care and thanks for visiting my blog.

Jenny said...

As in super enjoy talaga kami...super sakit tiyan kakatawa. Infearness ang sarap niyan. SI janet gumawa eh kasi if ako gumawa for sure hindi masarap.hehehehe.. Tiger cake? Konstig sure masarap din yan kasi ikaw gumawa eh..yan ba yang nasa blog mo?

Thanks for visiting ang good day