Apr 7, 2009

Easter holiday

It's very relaxing to be just home. I don't have school for a week because of Easter holiday (påskluv). Yesterday, i was on my mood to clean up our home. Even if it was not dusty (dirty) yet still i cleaned and tried to arrange some of my husband's stuff. He don't really wanted me to touch his personal things in the bookshelf but since he was not home yesterday, i did little arrangement and he had no comments when he came home..hahaha...

My husbands decided not to go to work today. He just wanted to be home also because I'm just home. So today we have decided to take a walk and find a reasonable price microwave. We must buy new soon as possible because our micro is not working perfectly now :(.

Even if i don't have school this week, still it seems i have. I must study for our exam next week and goossshhhh so many assignments.

In my next week post, i will write about what we will celebrate for the month of April. Good day everybody.

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