Apr 1, 2009

Joke, joke, joke day

As i said to my previous post, Swedish people or Sweden has always day name and today is another name. Swedish call today as "lurar dag or skoj day" (joke day). Whatever joke it is or it will be, they don't or will not get angry or irretated because it's just a joke day. They have this kind of saying " APRIL, APRIL DIN DUMMA SILL! JAG KAN LURA DIG VART JAG VILL". I can translate it in english but maybe it will confus you guys or maybe you will just wonder. lol. But anyway it something like this... april is your stupid herring, i can make a joke where i want. It's a kind of weird, right? It's not good english grammar but swedish has different grammar from english.

My husband woke me up in some joke. I got angry but suddenly i realized that it was just a joke...grrrr. I did some jokes to my teacher and some students in school today. It was funny and exciting. Beside from my husband, no other more make joke to me....yet..hehehehe.

I know that in some countries, it's also a joke day today. But as i remembered joke day in Philippines is Dec.28.

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