Apr 8, 2009

Classmates house

I've been to one of my classmate's house today. She live somewhere in Hjälbo...hehehe i don't really know what's the exact address, but in anyhow i know how to go there even if Zeena's husband drove us to go there.

Sozdar is the name of my classmate and she cooked plenty foods. Zeena and Sozdar are from Iraq so ofcourse they cooked arabic food. I really like arabic food. Taste very good and gossshhh as in yummy. I know some names of arabic food but unfortunately i don't know how to cook. Stackars (poor) Jenny but ofcourse i know how to cook filipino food and i love cooking ...hehehe...
Here are some of the pictures of Sozdar and her two kids. I took this before we ate our bundle of foods...hahaha. Does it looks i'm hungry? Yes it is..look at me...hahahaha
Does they look lovely and pretty like mommy? Yes they are... How i wish i can have my pretty and lovely kids, soonnn....God knows.

Tomorrow i'll be with my other classmate (SHY) and maybe with our another "friend" from Philippines. SO it will be filipina bonding tomorrow with our magic sing... Good luck to your neigboors Shy...hehehe. For sure it will be singing day and it will be very noisy.

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