Apr 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!

Today is the birthday of the best man and the love of my Life. The man that accepted me of what i am and what i have.

I woke him up earlier today than the normal saturday morning wake up time and gave my gift to him.I was supposedly let him find his gift that i just put in his bed side table but unfortunately he don't found it himself. Instead i got it and gave him my gift while he was still laying down in bed.
I was asking him before today, if he wants or need somethings. I supposedly want to have an idea or clue if he need somethings. But he got his idea that i will give him gift. He knew that i will give him something today but he was not expecting that i bought pants for him. He tought that i will buy summer shoes (sandals) to him. Gossshhh... but he is happy of my gift and ofcourse thankfull. To my husband, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY älskling. I hope and i wish that you will always be healthy and strong. I hope also that you will continue your patience towards my childish behaviour and being very sensitive. Thank you for everything and i will stay with you forever. Jag älskar dig i mitt hela livet.


David Funk said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. He married one heck of a girl and I know you feel the same about him.

Weng Forsgren said...

Happy b-day na rin sa hubby mo.
You both lucky to have you each other.

happy sundayto you JEN.

Jenny said...

David - He's lucky to have me in his
life...hahaha joke..

Weng - Thanks for the greetings and for the