Apr 12, 2009

My day is????

As usual my day is not good. For some reason but sorry guys i cannot tell why... maybe some other time..hahaha

Today i am exactly 2 years here in Sweden. It seems just the other day i came here but gossshhh it's 2 years already. Time goes very fast, right? I don't know yet what we will do later to celebrate or maybe no need to celebrate. It depends on our mood.

Today i called and talked to my bestfriend (Jasmine) in Philippines. She will be celebrating her 29 birthday on the 14th of April so i just advanced my greetings to her.We talked atleast an hour. Talked everything and anything under the sun...hehehe.

I hope i will be ok later... Only me knows... How about you guys? How's your day and have you did something exciting today? Happy sunday everybody


weng said...

hello Jen,
Yes time goes fast,labi na if you are living happy, dali ra kaayo modagan panahon.
what have you done those 2 years in sweden? daghan nay accomplishements? hehe.
keep on smiling your mood will be back to normal soon hehe.
happy easter...

Jenny said...

BUkas makalawa 3 years na ako..hahaha... Parang kelan lang ang mga pangarap ko'y kay hirap abutin..kanta yan...hahaha

I'm obsolutely ok now. Nag iinarte lang ako... wala magawa eh..

Ingat and good day