Feb 15, 2010

belated happy hearts day

My apology of not greeting everyone yesterday a happy valentine’s day.
I wasn't able to post yesterday due to some activities that me and my hubby done. We all knew that yesterday was Valentine’s Day so I just spent my whole day with my dear husband. We just celebrated the heart day in our own simple and romantic way.

I got an advance valentine’s day gift from my darling. It was neither flowers nor chocolates. He loves and likes to give me things instead of flowers or chocolates.

I'll post next time the gifts that I got from my sweet man.

Belated happy Valentines everyone. Hope all of you had a red and full of hearts day. Every day is valentine’s day, remember?


Halo Coy said...

happy valentines day. nice day for you. regards.

Risma Hutabarat said...

Another valentine's article from you. How's school, Jen? :)

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