Feb 4, 2010

healthy and full of vitamins

Me and my husband always make sure that we have something healthy to eat in a day. Of course we used to cook healthy foods but still we always take our vitamins and have some fruits.

Lately we used to buy apples and oranges. Apples are not really my favorite fruits but I eat it. But oranges are my favorite fruits.

So every day, we used to have slices oranges or orange juice. It's very healthy and full of vitamins.

Good night everyone and God bless.


John Victor said...

It's an interesting post to know the little but informative details. Vitamins are very much essential for a human body. There are so many vitamin supplements available in the market where people are using in this busy scheduled life.

Lorna Vanderhaeghe said...

Eat food rich in vitamins and take supplements to fill in your nutritional gaps. I agree that you should at least eat something healthy in a day.