Feb 19, 2010

Happy birthday Shy

It’s our very cute and nice friend Shy’s birthday. Yes it’s Shy’s birthday but unfortunately we cannot celebrate with her personally on her special day because she’s still on her long month’s vacation in Philippines. She’s in Philippines for almost three months now and soon, she’ll be back here in Sweden.

As you can remember guys, Shy did her party few days before she left. And I’m sure we will have small party when she comes back.Girl (Shy) I really miss your company. I miss our bonding with Janet and I miss our “chikahan”… At least more than 2 weeks more and you’ll be here again.

All I can wish are good health always to you and your family, strong relationship with your darling (as always), a cute Peter or Shy soon, more blessings and stay nice. Have fun on your day and enjoy your few days left in your vacation.

Happy birthday once again and see you soon….


David Funk said...

Happy Birthday to SHY indeed! I noticed her birthday is coming up on Facebook. I'll be posting about it tomorrow.

I hope she's having the time of her life on vacation, too!

Laikka said...

Happy Birthday darling Shy! I'm still thinking if I'll post about it..heheh!!

Allen's Darling said...

Happy b-day shy, anjan ka pa rin ba sa pinas up to now? Miss you