Feb 21, 2010

smoking anniversary

Yesterday was the 2nd year stop smoking anniversary of my husband. Yes he stopped smoking for two years already and I’m very happy about it.
Little history of his smoking... He started to smoke when he was 13 years old. Actually he started to smoke June 1979, 6 months before I was born. hahaha.

As I remember the first time we met, I didn’t really like his smoking habit. He used to smoke 1 packet a day and it was some strong cigarettes. I don’t really like someone who's smoking.

But as of now, I’m really thankful at least he stopped smoking. I'm not keeping on telling him NOW that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health (which I used to tell him before).

So to those who love's smoking, it's not too late yet...hehehe...


jenn_US said...

im allergic to smoke and i hate the smell of it. :) good thing hubby quit smoking 2 years before we even met in 2005 so at least i didnt get to smell it or experience what was it like to date a smoker but yeah it's really not good for one's health. im glad ur hubby managed to stop. have a great day sis!

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