Feb 19, 2010

fried rice for breakfast

Since I’m not really fully loaded this week from school, I tried myself to concentrate studying at home while my hubby was at work.
Last night was snowing again (still snowing until now) so I went to bed earlier than our usual bed time. I went early to bed but I woke up late today. I woke up around 10.30 and was very hungry. I made myself breakfast since my hubby was at work already. I fried rice with vegetables and scramble fried eggs.

I was eating using my hands and got very full. After eating, washing dishes, and did shower, I went back to bed, brought with me my laffy and surf the net until hubby's came home.

As of now, since still snowing and freezing, we're planning to go to bed early also today. Just read books or just have chat while laying in bed...hmmppp feels so good...

Happy friday everyone and enoy your weekends.

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Andrea said...

Just wanted to stop in and thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, and support.
Blessings, andrea