Feb 2, 2010

Couple’s Corner: HOW DO I LOVE THEE?

Yes it's Couple's Corner once again and I’m thankful at least I’m still able to post my weekly entry. Last week, I posted little bit late due to my very busy schedules but at least this week, I can breathe from schooling and have time to post this meme.

Rodliz’s Nest

This week topic is How Do I Love Thee? How could I love thee? Hehehe

Can anyone describe or tell what the meaning of LOVE is? Someone's says, love is like a mountain that it’s too high to reach to. Love is like a sun that strikes into the mountain. Love is is...and more meaning of love but how could we describe our love to our husband?

Rodliz has 9 types of LOVE and I agree all of those. For me, I cannot either describe how I love my husband but maybe there are lots of his personalities that I love and like. Here are some;

I love him because he's the sweetest man on earth (for me).
I love him because he's the man who understands my stupidness.
I love the way he talk and share his thoughts to me.
I love the way he smiles at me.
I love the way he teases and makes jokes to me.
I love him when he acts like a baby.
I love him being a responsible husband.
I love his opinion on everything.

I LOVE HIM because he's my love....and more love, love, love....

I love thee man of my life...


Mommy Liz said...

Wow! ang daming LOVE..actually, ang hirap talagang isipin kugn akit ba mahal natin ang ating mga hubbies di ba? parang every little detil eh mahal antin. Namali pala ako ng title, ang nakasulat sa scheduled titles ko eh " Why Do I love thee" ang nalagay ko sa title eh "How" sorry for the confusion, but you did great. Baka kiligin si hubby mo sa mga sinulat mo ha. Thanks for joining this week.

Jenny said...

hahaha love nga eh..dami talaga pero atleast we know how we love and why we love our hubbies...

Actually medyo naconfuse nga ako nong una pero ok na rin naman kahit how do i love thee...hehehe

Rossel said...

ang hirap mag-isip ano? ang dami kaseng reasons and kung ilalagay natin lahat e aabutin ng 1 week sa pagbabasa si!

Princess Sarah said...

This is a fantastic way of expressing your love to your beloved, so sweet at daming love talaga, super in love, wow! I'm glad to be here

His Unfailing Love

acmumcee said...

Sa dinami-dami nga naman ng meaning ng Love, eh kanya kanya parin tayo ng pakiramdam.. we all have unique reasons and ways to define it.. happy love month!

anne said...

ang ganda hehehe I love because I love him I love him I love him hehehe heres mine girl thanks

ladyguinevere28 said...

hmmppp.. february i really hate it.. why people make it always a big holiday in feb 14? its just an ordinary day for me being single for more than 9yrs.....:-(