Feb 25, 2010

i really miss you

It's just few hours since you left but I’m missing you terribly. How much more two weeks? How could I sleep alone in bed? How could I start my day without seeing you? How could I do our daily activities together? How could I live in two weeks that we’re not together? I really miss you älskling. As I promise, I’m here when you left and I’ll be here when you come back. The same sensitive Jenny that you love very much no matter what she is and the same Jenny who loves you with all her heart.

I hope you will have fun in your vacation even if I’m not with you. Enjoy meeting my family and our new angel and don’t forget the pictures as I keep on telling you.

Just feel at home and who ever in my family, just feel free to ask them if you want something, ok? Don’t be shy to them and just be yourself.

I really miss you my dear. Jag älskar dig jättemycket och sköt om dig.

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jenn_US said...

i know it is hard to be away from your hubby. if u dont mind my asking, why didnt u go with ur hubby in the PI my dear? dont worry time flies fast before u know it hubby will be back.