Feb 19, 2010

planned business

As we all know, crises is globalize now a days. Wherever we are in this world, we can feel the crises. And whatever the government doing to at least cope up the crises still it seems not helping and it's very difficult for them.

Of course the society or the people must help to fight against crises. Just lately, me and my husband met my in-laws. It was supposedly our usual family bonding. We're not expecting that in that particular day, we tackled about government crises and we ended up with some business planned.

I’m not carrying my own chair. I mean I know and I can understand some computer thing same as my brother in law. My husband can do the same thing. So we are planning to put up some hosting business. To have
business hosting will be a perfect business because we can just make our business at home by using our computers...

All we wish for is, we can start our family business soon as we can and earn extra income. It can help our family and at the same time, it can help the government. Hope it will work out. Good luck to all of us.

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