Feb 22, 2010

hold up

Our youngest sister who's currently studying nurse was hold up yesterday.

She's doing her practice (OJT) in one of the hospital in Taguig. Before she had night schedules and just few weeks ago, she assigned into daytime. She always starts her duty at 6.00 in the morning so she always left at home 5.oo.She and her classmates often meet and go together to the hospital and that’s what they did yesterday. Among all of her classmates, she was the one who was holding up. The guy who holds her up was around 23 years old. He was pretending as passenger, paid and went down together with them then suddenly; he declared hold up to my sister with his knife in my sister’s side.

In just few seconds, everything was done and the hold upper got my sister's bag where inside the bag was her important things together with her money and ATM. Her classmate didn’t do anything because they were afraid that maybe the hold upper was not alone.

Still we're thankful at least nothing bad happened to her. She is traumatized and still shaking if she could remember that incident. As I told her, she helped that hold upper in some ways. Hope he will use the money in good way. Even if she lost some of her personal and important things, still she’s thankful that she’s ok.

To our dearest sister, thanks God you're ok even if that was happened to you. Just take extra care of yourself and don’t forget to thank God for all the blessing. I love you

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Laikka said...

oi! pastilan! grabe na jud ron sa pinas oi! amping next time!