Feb 12, 2010

waiter in Saudi

Our youngest brother (but not the youngest of all) Marlon flew to Saudi yesterday to work.

Yes he will be working in Saudi for two years as a waiter. As you know guys, I just posted here about Dante's homecoming from his two years worked in Kuwait and just one week from his arrival, Marlon left also to work as a waiter.

Both Dante and Marlon worked in one of the newest and five start hotels in Ortigas (Philippine) for few years. They both resigned due to some misunderstood and unsolved problem in that particular hotel. Dante been abroad and Marlon is currently working abroad.

Of course our dear mother was crying when Marlon left. Our mother is always like that and we understand of course the feeling of a mother. She's like that even to me where I’ve been and leaving Philippines for few times.hehehe.Ohhh I love mama.

All I could wish is the safety of our brother. Hope he can adopt his new surroundings and he can adjust the sooner.

Take care always "ga" and hope you will avoid all the temptations and bad things there. Just continue as sweet and good brother. Don't forget to thank God for all the blessing that comes in your life, as you always do. I love you very much and I miss you...

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