Feb 20, 2010

too much snow

Me and my husband did our usual weekend bonding today even if it was snowing so much.When we woke up, we decided already to went out and took a walk. And yes we did it. We walked to the city took some look of his “pasalubong” and bought books. When we were about to went home, we were too lazy to take a walk back home so we decided to take tram. Goshh we was waiting almost an hour for the tram. The busses and trams not coming on time due to super thick snow… And the snow still keeps on falling down (until now).

But we came home safe, tired and had headache... Happy weekend everyone.


jenn_US said...

that's a lot of snow right there! wow! from which state are u?

Anonymous said...

Missing snow very much, years since last I saw some on my own. Over here in Athens, it is still warmer outside, than inside our fridge.
Wishing you all a wonderful warm weekend.

David Funk said...

And to think we've been hit with snow though it isn't expected to that here at all! Even for Sweden, that's a lot of snow!

I don't blame you for wanting to take the train back home after your day. I think most everyone opt for that under the circumstances! LOL!

Take care my friend!

roffe said...

Snow and cold weather is all over Scandinavia..I'm waiting for the spring...
Ha en trevelig söndag..