Feb 2, 2010

monggo in action

I came home from school yesterday around 13.00. I had only half day from school so I had a time to cook for my late lunch.
Since it's still snowing and still freezing here in Sweden, soup would be the best to ease the freezing feeling. So of course I cooked something that I could feel warm. I decided to cook "mongo" (mung beans) even if I didn't have all the ingredients that I need. Instead of leafy vegetables I used cabbage so at least there something I can put besides the mongo itself.

Even if I don’t have everything, my mongo tasted delicious. Of course I ate it with rice. Here are my mongo which I really like.

Have a good night everyone and take care.


Andrea said...


FaYe said...

i miss mongo too. lami kaayo na, good for the cold weather. i add coconut milk and spinach to mongo, it's yummy.

Misalyn said...

Looks yummmy. Miss ko na ring kumain ng monggo,nowadays kasi wala akong time magluto.

Have a nice day.

Mommy Liz said...

ay favorite ko to, ang sarap ng mongngo!! penge naman.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

may mongo din pala diyan,hehe..masarap nga ang mongo..

ladyguinevere28 said...

Wow.. very resourceful... Marami yan sa amin.. hehehe