Feb 8, 2010

happy to be home

My brother Dante came home or should I say arrived in Philippines last February 3 from his two years work in Kuwait as a waiter and bar tender. He was very happy to be home again and be with our family again after few years of gone. Of course he feel amaze seeing our new angel Aquinnah.

He came home around 12 midnight and my mother was very surprised because Dante didn't mentioned or told her that he was coming home. Drinking was he missed a lot. He never drinks in Kuwait due to many reasons and for his safety also.

He drunk the night he came, the next day and third day...hahaha lassingero talaga. But today he was trying to apply again to go abroad. He wants to go back work abroad because our sister is still in school and of course for his own future family.

He had an interview today that he's not really qualify for. It was about truck drivers which they want to have
HVG insurance all their applicants.

Of course as much as possible Dante wants to work as waiter or bar tender again because he used to it and he can do some bar tricks.

Hope he can find new work soon. Good luck bro.


David Funk said...

Glad to see Dante is home now, and two years is long time to be away.

That's such an adorable pic you posted here!

Have a great week my friend!

Me said...

maguwang nimo..buutan ug nawon...

Jen naa may gitawag nga ångrarveckasrätt...
para dili ka mag-bayad kada buwan...

Dhemz said...

glad to know your bro is home sis....:) thanks for sharing..musta na?

JENIE said...

HEALTHINFO@EarthyMe had some changes ;) come see if u’r on the right weight for your height in my BMI widget soon!

Requesting also to change Earthy Me title to HEALTHINFO@EarthyMe please. Thanks dear!

BTW, locked and chatbox mo? Batit? ;) la lang, baka di mo alam. MIss your visits jen!