Feb 11, 2010

Happy 3 months baby

Our little angel Aquinnah (Quin-quin) is turning three months today. Happy three months baby.

She's developing so much in her past months and she’s fast learner. Lately she wants that someone will just talk to her every time she's awake. She likes and love music. She's showing her cute smile with her cute dimple. All of us brothers and sisters and our parents has dimple so it's not a surprise that our niece and nephews has also dimples.

I don’t really know what had their celebration today. But last Sunday, they were all in Mall of Asia (MOA) and had some shopping, window shopping and had lunch there and it was the first time there of our angel Aquinnah.

These are some of their pictures last Sunday.Enjoy and have a good night everyone.

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Anney said...

Happy 3 months to your niece! She is adorable!