Feb 4, 2010

her touch screen phone

As you know guys, my husband will have his two weeks’ vacation in Philippines but as I said I cannot be with him this time due to my hectic schedules in school.
He will be living few weeks from now and I cannot imagine my life alone here in Sweden without him around me. How could I sleep at night and how could I start and end my day thinking that he will not be with me for two weeks? HUH!!!! This will be very difficult.

My husband is thinking too much about his vacation. He wants to stay. He wants to go. He want that I will go with him…He cannot decide but as I told him, time goes very fast. 2 weeks will just seem two hours.

We don’t buy yet all his "pasalubong" but we already bought the gift to my youngest sister. She celebrated her birthday last January 14 and maybe she will graduate her nursing course by March so we will give her some gift.

As she likes and wants so that she can download duplicate finder from her phone anywhere she will be, we bought touch screen Nokia phone for her.
Hope she will like it.


Andrea said...

Praying GOD blesses your hubby's trip and your time while he is away.
Blessings, andrea

Me said...

nice choose of gifts...but just a simple thoughts from me.. does she really need it? sorry Im a bit economic when it´s all about choosing gifts that cost a man gud ko kay dili ra ba dali pangita-on ang salapi nato dire...hehehe...

dont worry Jen...two days you might find it hard to sleep pero after that ay ang sarap pag-ma-isa ka lang....peaceful as long na hindi katagalan ha..good night...

Palazzo said...

Hellow my friend!
Go with your husband rsrsrs...