Feb 16, 2010

happy 10 things

My very good friend and loyal follower Amina who's currently living in Pakistan tagged me this exciting 10 things that make me happy. Hmmppp sound exciting but challenging.

Well here are 10 things that make me happy:

1. My husband’s jokes and corny things

2. My family who are always there for me even if I’m very far from them.

3. Travels... Me and my husband love to travel.

4. Surfing the net, blogging, chatting with my family.

5. Be with my closest and nicest friends here in Sweden.

6. Cooking foods where my husband say he likes it even if without taste...hahaha

7. Ice cream and chocolates...uhhhmmmmm love it

8. New things (cp, laptop, camera etc)

9. Seeing my husband’s happy face when he comes home from work.

10. To have a baby hopefully soon.

Now I’m passing this to 10 friends where they make my day happy.

1. tejan of Insights

2. Risma of Mommy Mayonnaise

3. David Funk of Basic Bloganomics

4. Melds of My daily Business

5.Kayce of My life and My Journey Online

6. Josie of Josie's Windows

7. Liz of This is my life

8. Chuchie of Chuchie's Hideaway

9. Dhemz of My Life's Perceptions and Inspirations

10. Maxi of Ovah Coffe

Grab it guys and have fun...


David Funk said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for this tag. I've already received this one, so what I'll do is re-post at my WBE site soon since I posted it on Basic Bloganomics before.

Thanks again, and good night you my friend!

A.M.I.N.A said...

Hello Jen, thanks for posting this...see yah around!

Chie Wilks said...

hello Jen...thanks for sharing this tag with me..ill surely grab this later today..David tagged me this tag too...thanks to both of you..Have a pleasant day!

teJan said...

weee...thanks kompis grab it today but i'll post it tomorrow kay katuloooogon kaayo ko!

by the way, kanang number 7 nimo ba that makes you happy, unya nganong wala man lagi ka mitambok, sexy man japun..weeeeee!!! good day!

imelda said...

ty for this tag sis but i cnt do it now. il do it later coz i have to rush to office ok? have a nice day jen.

rjs mama said...

happy wednesday to you :)

RJ's day to day activities
Journal of RJ's mom

Dhemz said...

woi sis, thanks a lot...will grab this sweet of you naman to remember and include me on your list...muchas gracias!

musta pala ang valentine celebration nyo ni hubby mo?

*josie* said...

Hi Jen, thanks for another tag,I'll grab it later, pero wala pa ko maisip basta post ko na lng. oxox :h: