Nov 30, 2009

Shy's party

I posted here last week about Shy's schedules of activities and one of those is her party. Yes she had her vacation party today with of course Filipina friends.
I had school today and had my first part of National Test so I went to Shy's house little bit late with one Filipina friend Margott. When we arrived there, tejan was already there helping Shy preparing her delicious foods. Gossshhh I was pissing off because both Shy and tejan has their "ME & MY BLOG" t-shirt and I didn't have mine. huhuhuh..I thought we are friend...hahaha joke. But they made excuses that it's too small for me. Ok fine excuses accepted…hehehe
It was Filipina gathering so of course chatting and laughing all the time. The food was so delicious and take note Shy did the food preparations. It was not Filipino food but in fairness to Shy, she cooked it well. We were very full of her foods but we cannot say no to her tasty and yummy blue berry cake.

To you our Shy, thank you so much for the effort preparing all those foods for us. I will miss you but I’m happy for you at last you can have your vacation and be with your family for few months. See you again on March. Don't forget us and enjoy your vacation. Take care and see you.


♡ N o r e e n said...

Mmmm sarap naman nyan sis! Buti ka pa madami ka kakilala dyan na Pinay!

Wengss said...

mmm naglaway ko sa gi prepare ni shy. Enjoy kaayo mo sa pic. sarap pag may gathering kay makatabi og husto.
happy 1st day of dec.

David Funk said...

Wow, I can tell that SHY has some talent for cooking. That looks GOOD!

And I did see on Janet's blog about the "ME & MY BLOG" shirt. I can tell they are happy about it, and I had to laugh with you playing it off like you were mad at them. Hehehe.

Good post, Jenny!

Fe said...

wow, bibo kaau mo dha, master d ay kaau ni magluto si shy..