May 27, 2009

Betyg samtal

Tomorrow afternoon will be my betyg samtal (report talk). One of my teacher will show me all the results of my exams that i've done this term, my developments, my advantages and what are the things that i must focus on the next school term.

And on friday will be our last day of school for this term. We will have avslutning (completion) at and we will have our party in our room at lunch time.

This will be our last time to be with some of our classmates now. For sure we will be sad but at the same time happy because we are finish this term and meaningly we will be continuing to the next term (to those who passed).

There's no one among them who will be my classmates next school term because i will change to other course.
I will miss all of my classmates but for sure i will meet new classmates next term. Lycka till allihopa.


Maxi said...

congrats jenny for passing. i know you can do it! kaw pa! hehe.

hoppas att du också ska ha roligt på SAS. Du kommer att trivas där, tycker jag.

vi hörs!

Jenny said...

Tack så mycket Maxi... Jag kunde och jag hoppas att jag kan också nästa termin...

Har det så bra.