May 3, 2009

Supposedly 49 years old

Happy happy birthday to my late beloved papa (father). I know where ever you are now, you're happy and we know that you're just watching us every day.

Today is the birthday of my late father. He supposedly 49 years old today but unfortunately he's not with us anymore. He's now in the hands of our Beholder.

My late father died of heart attack. He died 4 years ago (June). He was the best father we could ever have. Our hero, our father, our friend, our adviser and our everything. He did everything for his family and for his kids.

The short worst story of my father...There was a time that he was kidnapped by some bandidos and they supposedly killed my father. The last thing he asked was, "KILL ME BUT DON'T YOU EVER TRIED TO HURT MY FAMILY". The day that bandidos waiting for their leader was suppose the day that they would kill my father but then God is very good. The bandidos leader was one of my uncle.

Bandidos let papa free and back with us. From that time, he started to serve God the best thing he could and of course how strong hes faith was to God was the same strong temptation he had but he survived all.

Pa, wherever you are now, just be happy and don't worry about us. We try to handle everything and face all the problems. Don't worry about mama, we will take care of her. We love you and how we wish you're still with us now. Happy birthday again and may you REST IN PEACE!!! I (we) love you very much.


Wilma said...

A touching story, Like you, I also miss my father. So when I read this post, I felt sad, because my father also had terrible experienced in life,bago nawala (sigh) sad to remember but such is life. God is good because after all the trials naging mas matatag tayo.

BTW, thanks for visiting and leaving comment to my blog. sorry for not visiting you lately, medyo busy na busy lang ng kunti, alam mo na its getting hot here.

Jennie said...

I'm still sorging of my papa death but what can i do to have him back? Crying make me feel more bad but i will not stop crying... How long na wala nang father?

Gossshhh im busy schooling kasi Nationella prov namin next week... Maloka ako kaka aral..

Excited for summer?hehehe just drop by if you have time. Tar lugn ses

Anney said...

Belated happy bday to your late Papa. I know he is happy wherever he is.

Jennie said...

Anney - thank you for the greetings. I really hope too he is happy.