May 22, 2009

One lovely blog award

I got this One Lovely Blog Award from my follower and very nice friend Rose or chubskulit. I'm so sorry for just posting it now. I was busy last few days due to some reasons. Hope you understand.
Now i am passing this to my friends namely: Shy, Janet, Janiz, Weng, Chuchie, G.O.D., All4one ,Joops, Never winter, and David Funk.

To those who don't have yet this award and who want it, grab it guys. You're all welcome. Thanks in advance.


David Funk said...

Thanks for passing this award to me. I continue to be amazed at how friendly you are.

I appreciate it very much wonderful friend!

Jennie said...

You're welcome my friend. You are very nice friend to me too... Does it give and take friendship?hehehe

Have a good weekend...take care

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

hello sis, wow, thanks sa award...sorry ngaun lang nkavisit...busy sa enrolment at sa farming sa facebook...thanks ulit sa award ha..ipost ko to

Jennie said...

You're welcome...i wonder talaga na hindi kita masyado nakikita sa blog i know, busy pala in some other things..hehehe

ENjoy facebooking and have plenty friends... Good day

putri-kecil said...

thank for award...I take it. Success for U. Have a nice day.

Jennie said...

Thank you..just post it anytime you want...good day:)