May 28, 2009

he was angry

As i said to my last post, today was my betyg samtal. I got my result and i know already which course i will be next term.

Before i went to school, my husband asked me to change euro to ex-change office. He told me many many many times how much i would and i should get. But due of my stubborness, i followed what myself want. When i gave the money to the cashier, he said the amount and i was little bit happy because i got little extra money than my husband have told me.

My husband called me directly after i sent him text. Goshhhh he was angry already on the fone because there's a purpose why he wants the amount that he told me. He need coins but i got all bills.

When i came home, he asked me directly why i don't follow what he told me. I was affraid because he was angry. I knew it's my faults why he got angry. Even if it was my fault but still i cried very much. I cannot stop myself. I'm very sensitive and cry very fast. I am a stupid one!!!

I said sorry to him many times and i said "i will follow you next time". He said sorry too to me because he was acting too much. As of now, we are ok and back to our normal routine. (kulitan and asaran). Jag älskar dig älskling and i understand why you got angry. Sorry again and i promise it will never happen again.

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