May 30, 2009

Sister's birthday

Yesterday was the birthday of our/my eldest and loving sister. I will not tell how old is she now because i don't ask her permission and i want you guys to guess.

Due to some ciurcumstances that came in her married's life, she is now working as a "caregiver" in Cyprus. She's working there for almost 2 years now. She have one son way back in Philippines who is very much smart and chubby. The son name is Marc who is always top one of his class and the son that almost all mother wishes to have.
Sister, you're the reason why i am here now and i'm thankful to you and i will thank you for the rest of my life about it.

I wish you all the best and may all your wishes and prayers will be granted. I'm always behind you and support you whatever your plan in the future.

I love you and i miss you very much. Hope we can have time to have bonding again with the rest of our family.


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