May 24, 2009

twister from Janet

Our (Shy and me) very funny and jolly friend Janet gave us this little twister. I don't mind answering this when she posted it but then when she was visiting me here in my crib, she asked me about this twister.

Here's the twister:

What are the 5 letter words that everybody has and no one lives without it. The first 4 letters are the function of the 3 letter words in the middle and the last 3 letters are the stuffs you do.

Do you know the answer guys? Grab the twister and visit me back if you know. We'll find out if we have the same answer.

I answered it already with no hesitations...hehehe. If you want to know the answer, visit my blog again soon. I will post the answer and my award that i got from her.


Nanaybelen said...

Hi Jenny. Have a nice day

Gin Hansson said...

Thanks po... Have a nice day too...

anney said...

Is it "Heart"? Happy weekend!

Gin Hansson said...

Wowowowow ang galing mo....gossshhh you deserve the award...hehehe