May 17, 2009

have new one now

As i mentioned to my previous post, my laptop got broken.

I was sad but then it's gone now. Yesterday me and my husband went to many computer stores to buy my new laptop.

We end up the computer store which only 5 minutes walk from our home. There we bought my new Samsung 10"1 laptop. Ofcourse i have blue which is my favorite color.
Besides my new laptop, i got a bonus.hahaha. My husband bought me new Nikon coolpix camera and ofcourse same color to my laptop, blue. To my dear husband, thank you so much for everything. You know that i'm too much spoil to you but still you gave me what i want. Du min älskling i mitt hela livet.

Here are my new laptop and camera. Does it look cool?


David Funk said...

I like blue, and your new laptop. I couldn't help but notice the Lakers mouse pad and Winny mouse in the first picture..hehehe. That's cute and matches this blog color perfectly.

I'm glad you have a such a great, caring husband my dear friend.

Thanks for sharing!:)

diachra said...'s sweet laptop..,your favorite colour is same with my husband favorite, "blue"

Jennie said...

David - gossshhh i'm adddicted with blue. That's why i bought those things with color blue. About winnie and lakers, yes i like it too. It's cute and attracted...

My husband very sweet and nice to me. I'm really thankful that i have him in my life. Loving and sweet and in everything i like in a guy.

Thanks for the message my friend... Take care

Diachra - it's not only my favorite's my husband color's too. hehehe

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