May 20, 2009

yes i did it...

I was scheduled to have my permanent visa interview today. My interviewed time was kl.14.00. Me and my husband went to Migrationsverket (imigrations office) earlier than the said time. We was too much excited and at the same time i was little nervous.

I had my interviewed exactly kl.14.00, then after me ofcourse my husband's turn. They must interview both of us. It was just take atleast an a hour and a half then i have it. YES I HAVE NOW MY
PERMANENT VISA (uppehållstillstånd).

Before going home, we went to cake shop and bought a small cake for our little celebration. We bought a banana cake with vanilla cream on the middle and little vanilla icing on the top. We was tired so we took a little nap. We couldn't sleep so we decided to eat our cake. We ate our cake in bed while we're discussing our trip to Germany next week.

I passed my imigrations interview but i'm not sure yet if i will pass my exams yesterday. But so far and i know, i answered all the questions and almost sure all of my answers.

So guys, am i deserving to have compliments for you?hehehehe


teJan said...

yahooo! grattis my dear friend! yes you deserve a flower! hahahah..layoa ra oi! but hmm cant say anything but congrats! vises!

Jennie said...

Tack så hemsk mycket. Gosshhh nervous ang aking beauty but then very easy questions pala..hehhe

Vi ses imorgon...kl.9.hehehe

S-H-Y said...

Hej! Jag är glad för dig, äntligen du kan stanna här i Sverige men inte jag hehehe..Vi hörs imorgon då.

David Funk said...

Congrats on getting your Visa my friend. Yes, you deserve compliments from everyone...hehehe.

I hope you have fun in Germany, too!

Best wishes and thanks for sharing the great news my wonderful friend!:)

Maxi said...

hello jennie! i am happy for you!

not sure when my interview will be. will be having my second year here in sweden on june 29 so i need to wait a bit longer.

hope the exam went well for you. kaya mo yan! ikaw pa. congrats in advace.

Jennie said...

Shy - tack så mycket kompisen. Vi ska stanna här i Sverige. Inte bara jag... What drama u have na naman ha?hehehe

David Funk - Thank you my friend. Atlast i got it and i'm very happy for it as well as my husband.

It will be long drive to Germany but i like it..hehehe 10 hours drive...

Be safe always

Maxi - Ya it will take ATLEAST 3 months more for your interview. But don't worry it will be no problem as long as you still leaving with your hubby. They will just ask you personal or as a partner.

I hope too i can pass the exam.. God knows..

Thank you so much guys for all your comments. I really appreciate it. Next time again...God bless all

Tita Beng said...

Congratulations for having been granted your Swedish visa!

Thanks for dropping by my site. Hope to see you again soon!

Jennie said...

Thanks Tita Beng... I'll visit you again soon... I will not be very busy next week...

Take care and regards