May 7, 2009

looking forward

Yehey summer is coming and it means vacation time. I'm looking for this summer season and vacation time.

Me and my husband had already decided where to go on our vacation holidays. As usual and as the same last summer, we will go to Philippines my home sweet county.

Our flight will be from here in Guthenborg to Paris, Hongkong and Manila (Philippines). We will stay in Hongkong for 3 days before we fly to Philippines. We will just take a look and maybe shopping little in HK, hehehe.

Then from Manila, we will visit to the place where i grew up Negros Occidental (Minapasuk). Maybe we will stay there 3 to 4 days and maybe 1 day in Bacolod.

From Bacolod, we will be back in Manila and stay there until we go back here in Guthenborg. But before going back here, we will stay another 3 days in HK for shopping....yesssss...

It will be my first time to travel and have this kind of flights. It will be exciting and i cannot hardly wait until our flight.

All countries that I've mentioned, here i come....hehehehe.


David Funk said...

I can sense even from a great distance from you that you're excited about your trip.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful time when you go my dear friend!:)

Weng Forsgren said...

wow, ang bongga naman ng summer vacaction nyo,, shopping and shopping.. hm, I like shopping a lot espcially pag may budget ako hehe.
We just came home from Philippines last January, after 7 weeks of vacation. So we hope the economy will rise again so that we can go back to Phils. next year, but if not, stay in sweden or maybe we travel just inside Europe.
How long you gonna stay in Phils Jen?

Summer in Sweden is beautiful, so we use to visit philippines during winter.

Happy trip to both of you, that will be an exciting trip :)

Jennie said...

David - yes my friend. i'm excited as usual and can't wait to visit my hometown.

Thank i hope too we will have a good time.

Weng - and aking darling mahilig talaga sa 'pinas kaya even if hindi ko pa talaga gusto pumunta doon, sunod na alng ako. atleast andon family ko..hehehe

My first christmas was in Berlin and second was in Philippines. So i don't care we will spent christmas coz wherever it is, i will be happy.

Thanks for the message and take care