Jan 19, 2010

it's confirmed

Yes it's confirmed and tickets already.

My husband's vacation is already confirmed and he has already his tickets. He will be in Philippines for more than 2 weeks.
Due to my busy schedules at school and I have many exams that I must do this term, so I cannot go with him to Philippines. I really want to have vacation in Philippines and meet my family and our new little angel Aquinnah but unfortunately, I cannot...huhuhu...

As of now, I’m just busy buying "pasalubong" for my family and of course to our little angel Aquinnah. As for today, I bought a beautiful skirt and pants to Quin2x. hehehe very excited.

It's still more than a month before my husband's flight but I already miss him...This will be our first time not to be with each other for 2 weeks.

I know time goes very fast so his two weeks in Philippines will be just like 2 days. I will just make myself busy in school and hoping to have vacation also soon...


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Mom of Four said...

ngek, bakit sa Philippines pa siya mag bakasyon? kugn ako, sasama ako!!!!