Jan 13, 2010

Birthdays of our angels

I just post few days ago about the birthday of my loving mother and my brother Elezer and today is another birthdays in our family.

January 14, 1990 born our youngest sister name Annie. Our youngest boy was 7 years old already until Annie’s born that’s why we call her as menopausal baby.

As she said on her blog our eldest sister Marlyn gave her simple name. Annie is very simple as her. She's simple and very sweet sister.

As of now she's studying and taking nursing course. She's on her second year and hoping to finish her course this year or maybe continue to 4 years.

Marlyn only son and our first nephew Marc was born January 14, 1999. He will be 11 years old today but he looks like 18. He's a big boy on his age. The smartest and loving son and nephew and the spoiled one also...

Marc has always his top award (honors and best) from his first year of school until now.

To Annie, happy, happy, happy birthday. I wish you the best and good luck of everything. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true. I know how dedicated you are in everything you're doing now. All I can say is, act like a woman now.

Kuya Marc, baby Marc or big boy Marc, happy, happy birthday. I know that you're happy now coz mommy is there to celebrate with you on your birthday. I know you're smart boy, understanding and loving son. You know the situation of mom and dad so do your best to be a good son to them and let mommy proud of you. I know you can...

I love you both very much and good girl and good boy ok? I miss you all and hope to see you again soon...


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Blessings to you all!

teJan said... in pareha sila jan.14? maayo noon na kay usa ra ang gasto..hheeh! happy birthday Annie and Marc:)

kathy said...

Happy Birthday Annie! Maau na sis kay usa ray lechon lechonon.. hehehe