Aug 26, 2009

at last

Äntligen (at last) i got a letter today from VUX (vuxen utbildning) informing that i can have my Swedish subject now. They even sent me our school plan. hehehe

It's funny because just today, i talked to my teacher asking if still i could go to her class even if i didn't have yet the result of my applications. Thanks to her who said, ok Jenny you can but you can't take exam until you have the result of your applications.

But i am happy now and thankful at least i can have my Swedish subject (most important subject), together with my mathematics and my English.


alfafriend001 said...

hy my friend, what is this, completely changed the appearance of your blog, it's nice, where the chat box? :-)

Anonymous said...

hi sis, congrats sayo at least maitutuloy mo na ang aral mo..teka, bakit pala di nag update ang blog mo sa blog roll ko?

Jenny said...

alfafriend - gosh my friend i made a very stupid things on my blog last night so thats why i must changed it..heheh

Jodi - thanks girl...i dont know bakit hindi nag aaupdate blog ko.ganyan din sa iba kong friend...