Aug 20, 2009

Marc situations

Yesterday my nephew Marc was operated and everything went well. But still i couldn't sleep last night thinking of him. He was in the ICU (intensive care unit) for 24 hours for observations and to made sure he's fine. I was texting my mama (who was in the hospital) until early morning in the Philippines. I asked mama if how's Marc? How's his situation? Does he sleep? And lot more questions. Thanks to mama who's trying her best to reply all my questions.

Around 1:00 AM (Sweden time) still i couldn't sleep so i sent a message to my preggy sister's cellular phone and asked her if she could send me sms directly she would see Marc. Thanks also to my her who sent me text directly she woke up and for always informing me what's happening there.

Just this afternoon (Philippine time), Marc is back to his hospital room and seems everything is back to normal. He's back to his normal stubbornness, spoiled, and eat plenty..hehehe. But all of them who are in the hospital who's taking care of him, doesn't care if he's long we know that he's ok and don't feel any pain.

Marc will wait few more days until he can go home. I'm sure he miss schools, home, his playing toys, watching cartoons or films, surf the net and some more things (he use to do all of these things). Hoping that he can go back to school soon because he miss a lots already. He's always have honor in his class so hope he can still have this year.

Good job Kuya Marc. You're brave as we couldn't even imagine that you can. Be well soon and be a good boy as always ok? All of us love you and mommy, Tita Ding and Tito Doy miss you so much...


amiable amy said...

Thank God that he is doing good naman. Masaya talaga pag walang sakit ang kapamilya natin ano.

Get well soon Marc.

Jenny said...

Amy - thanks to all who prayed for him and thanks to God..

Kahit malayo sa isat isa basta walang my sakit sa family, masaya na rin tayo di ba?

Thanks for the message...