Aug 25, 2009

do you want some?

Maybe i can call myself as "maarte" as i am. I don't know if someone will agree or not but in some ways i am very much maarte. When it comes to my nails, i am too much concern especially if more than two days already that i didn't clean.

Every other day i usually clean my nails. Not all the time that i have nail colors but I'd like to change my nail colors twice or trice a week. Hmmmp sounds too much right?hehehe. I know that some girls hates to have nails colors or lazy to clean their nails but not me. Love it

The last time we was in Philippines (almost 2 months ago), i bought plenty as in many different nails colors. For me to have different colors every week. So for last week, i had red, dark red and pink. Since this week just started, i had brown the other day and yesterday i changed in into colorless with white at the end of my nails. Actually there's a name on that but i don't know.

So here are the things that i use to clean up m y nails and of course my nail colors. Anyone out there want to have some?hehehe

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