Aug 31, 2009

future star

My friend has a baby boy who is now 4 years old. He's very cute and love to do things that make his mommy and daddy laugh. One day when they was in the mall, suddenly their baby was crying. Crying as is seems something pain or bad to him but just when he knows that his parents was panicking and worrying to much about him, he begun to laughed at loud as he could.

Directly when they came home, they thought about what was happening when they we're out and the father suggested to enroll their baby in an Acting For Kids where he could share his talents. They thought that it will be fun to share his talent to others so they do.

Before they went to the acting workshop, they called first and asked what will be the requirements for this particular acting thing, then someone told them to have the
Baby Photo Contest first before they can go to acting. And when the baby will be on the acting environment, he must follows all the child actor laws for him to grow more as an actor.

Before they could remember, their baby is doing well in his acting carrier and been very good in every scene the've done. He's always been the best in every "take" or action they did.


"The Othermother" said...

hi...I saw you were in grandfather was born there. I think it is so neat to be able to share ideas and blogs with one another......I live in the Ozarks of Missouri,'s alot like Mayberry..if you watched that old tv show..small neat country town. I enjoyed your blog.

Jenny said...

Yes im living in sweden but i am filipino.

Do you know any swedish words?hehehe

Thanks for the comment